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ViolationS & A.O.C. Removal Specialists

Champion understands that if for any reason your elevator equipment falls out of compliance or receives violations, a quick, proper and affordable remedy is mandatory. The NYC Department of Buildings is now levying costly fines and penalties for late filing of Category 1 inspections, Category 5 inspections, and A.O.C. corrections. In some cases the penalties cost more than the actual remedy. Champion Elevator's Violation and A.O.C Correction Department maintains daily contact with the NYC Department of Buildings, as well Westchester and Long Island municipalities. Our staff has the experience and relationships that can help expedite paperwork and avoid penalties for our clients.

If you are concerned about your elevator being out of compliance we can help you.  Please contact our Violation Department today at violations@champion-elevator.com. We will respond quickly with a free analysis and proposal for the most cost-effective and reliable solution.





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