Elevator Modernization

Modernization of your elevator system is no easy feat and when the time comes, making the right choice of equipment, supplier and installer is of utmost importance. If the equipment is first class and installed properly, you will have years of safe and reliable elevator service for all passengers. Champion helps you achieve your modernization goals by providing our expertise, talented technicians, and superior modernization techniques. We pay attention to every detail and will help you consider aesthetics, cost effectiveness and serviceability. Champion Elevator guides your modernization project by advising a simple updating of controls, cosmetic cab & fixture replacements, car & hall door packages, or by providing an extensive replacement of all of your elevator equipment.

Champion’s experienced management and installation teams work hand-in-hand to eliminate costly interruptions to all elevators that must undergo modernization. Managers, tenants and building maintenance personnel are continually impressed with our ability to meet critical deadlines and budget constraints. Champion Elevator’s pre-planning coordination effort and 30+ years of experienced management ensures your project will be a successful one.

Non-Proprietary Equipment

Rest easy knowing that all equipment installed by Champion is non-proprietary.

Modern controllers are solid state and in some cases “Proprietary”. With the increase of specialized elevator technology there are some companies out there who install equipment that only they can maintain. This is known as “proprietary equipment”. While the initial modernization price may appear competitive at first, beware that installing proprietary equipment can lead to being locked into that one company, creating high maintenance and repair costs later down the road.

Maintain your freedom, options and long term budget by using Champion Elevator as your modernization expert.

  • Competitive Prices
  • On Time Job Schedule
  • No Cost Over-Runs
  • Quality Equipment
  • LEED-Compliant Equipment
  • OSHA Certified Professionals
  • MRL Installations
  • Custom Cabs and Fixtures
  • Freight to Passenger Conversions