Elevator Repair Service

Champion knows that there is nothing worse for a building owner, manager or engineer than the embarrassment of non-functioning elevators. It is not only frustrating and an inconvenience to building guests, but it slows the flow of the building, ultimately resulting in losses. The only solution is to perform a quick and proper repair.

Should your elevator need repairs, Champion will promptly schedule and dispatch our mobile team of repair specialists. We provide proper notification to building personnel during repair times, stock replacement parts for all brands of elevators, and can even work custom shifts – all of which minimize your elevator’s down-time and passenger inconvenience.

Custom Repair Services Include Repair or Replacement of The Following:

  • Violation Removal Items
  • Worm & Gears
  • Hoist Ropes
  • Hoist Machine Leaks
  • Hydraulic Machine Repairs
  • Hydraulic Valve & Cylinders
  • Brake Shoes
  • Sheave Re-grooving
  • Sheave Replacement
  • Custom Machining
  • Rigging & Hoisting
  • Inspection Violation Repairs
  • Traction & Hydraulic Motors
  • Governor Ropes
  • Governor Calibration
  • Governor Replacement
  • Bearing Conversions
  • Bearing Retrofits
  • Elevator Dismantle
  • Elevator Removal